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We offer bespoke outdoor garden furniture such as superbly hand crafted hardwood gazebos, wooden gates, outdoor tables and garden benches and many other hardwood outdoor garden furniture and bespoke street furniture pieces to treasure and last.

Your outdoor project can be greatly enhanced with the addition of Woodcraft UK bespoke benches, hardwood planters, street bollards or specially crafted items for the home garden such as pergolas and gazebos.

Here at the award winning Woodcraft UK we are proud of our craftsmanship and the materials we use are carefully selected to enhance the beauty of the natural wood used. We are joinery manufacturers and designers of bespoke joinery, bringing your outdoor designs to life to last for now and in the future. Whether you are looking for bespoke pavement seating, engraved memorial bench or gift idea such as a celebration bench to sturdy log cabins or a garden office, talk to us about your requirements.

Nature provides the beautiful raw materials, Woodcraft UK provide the craftsmanship. Contact us to discuss your requirements and then relax and enjoy years of good value and enjoyment.

Woodcraft UK : Home of the famous York bench, Beverley bench, Waveform bench, Pickering memorial seat and Spinnaker set.

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