Bespoke corner angled wooden garden bench and table

Bespoke corner angled bench and table

Posted on June 21, 2021

A new bespoke outdoor bench and table was requested from a private customer in South Wales. The new wooden bench and table replaced the previous bench, patio table and chairs, however, the request came with some very interesting and specific requirements.

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The customer required the height of the bench on one side to be smaller than the other to match a low wall. The seat had a standard height backrest along the barn wall, but because of the lower backrest height along the low stone wall, consequently meant that the 45 degree angled section had to have a sloping top rail.

The angled corner was necessary as there was a sink in the corner between the white barn wall and the low stone wall and there was also a barrel water butt to the left of the seat which had to be avoided.

Based on the customers requirements, we created initial drawings to see how the mangled middle section would work.

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Once we had agreed the basic dimensions we created a 3D schematic showing the bench and table from various angles:

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The basic structure of the bench was based on our flagship York bench and Mendip garden bench frames as this frame proved the most versatile when adapting for our customers requirements.

Some modifications had to be made to the 3D schematics such as a flatter seat and the stand on the table was slightly different as we found the horizontal base lengths would prove to be problematic on the slate chippings and therefore the legs were modified to also allow access for diners to slide in and out unrestricted.

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Once everything was agreed we built the patio bench and table to the specifications, extending the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that we apply to all of our creations. The bench was hand built in three sections and jointed, glued and clamped. The table's angles followed the bench's shape and it's style was perfected by taking inspiration from the table top of our classic Malton Coffee Table and the legs from the Wetherby Dining Table.

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The bench and table was made in Iroko wood and is hand built. We also delivered and installed the bench and table at the home in South Wales as part of our nationwide delivery and installation service.

We are really proud of this rather unusual bench and table and hope it forms an integral part of our customer's outdoor activities around the home.

If you have an unusual garden bench / table project in mind but not sure how to go about it then get in touch for an informal chat. I'm sure we can be of service and turn your idea into a reality.

For more information about the kinds of projects we undertake for private customer's homes visit our dedicated bespoke garden furniture page.