Transforming public spaces with custom seating and eye-catching furniture

Urban spaces are often considered a reflection of the local residents and culture. If you visit a city centre that looks tired and bland, it creates a lasting impression in your memory. You may also associate this negative visual impact with other aspects of the city, such as its business, arts and education sectors, even though they’re completely separate. It’s natural to step off a train and walk into a grey, sorry-looking public square, only for your mood to take a dive as a result of your surroundings.

So how can this be avoided in your town or city? Urban development is the answer, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Some local authorities look at their public spaces and think that they need a complete overhaul. Whilst this could be true, it’s often a case that simply replacing key furniture will revitalise the environment and encourage people to use it in a whole new way

What our clients say

Brilliant service, right from the enquiry stage (lots of to-ing and fro-ing with all my questions, but Mike was very patient!) through to delivery of the bench which looks beautiful. It's better than I thought and it's a real pleasure to see the bench 'in situ' knowing that it will be there for many years to come. Thoroughly recommend Woodcraft.

A review left on our Facebook page by David Mair

Woodcraft UK has been supplying bespoke urban furniture for over 25 years.

Concrete and metal are popular choices of materials in the creation of urban street furniture, but on their own can be cold and stark in appearance. That’s why Woodcraft UK combines robust and weather-resistant hardwood and softwood materials with concrete and steel to create modern user friendly street furniture, breathing new life into spaces whilst remaining safe, sturdy and very comfortable.

We’ve been supplying bespoke outdoor furniture to local authorities and parish councils for over 25 years. Our stylish and elegant creations can be found up and down the country, from small village squares to bustling concourses and thoroughfares in major cities. Woodcraft UK is highly trusted due to our commitment to quality, public safety and the lifespan of each product. So no matter what you need and where it will be placed, we have the perfect solution.

It’s amazing the difference consistency can make in a public space. When all of the seating is of the same style, the environment suddenly takes on a strong identity and invites people to stick around longer. This can lead to everything from increased retail spend to enhanced public well-being, making it a welcoming destination for residents, commuters and tourists alike.

We’re also experts at effective fixing and security. If your urban furniture is intended for soft ground, we use stainless steel fittings for extra strength and durability. These come complete with anchor bolts, plus a choice of standard screws or non-return security screws. If the area is hard ground, such as concrete, paving stones or blocks, we apply special fixing brackets to ensure absolute dependability.

Woodcraft UK has supplied bespoke wooden furniture for countless urban refurbishments, public realm schemes and landscape gardening projects. These have been commissioned by private companies, local authorities, public organisations and collaborative partnerships, so whatever your setup and requirements, we’re here to provide everything you need.

If you’re planning an urban redevelopment or landscape gardening project, no matter the shape or scale, get in touch with Woodcraft UK today.