Triangle bench in situ

Making a bespoke triangular garden table.

Posted on August 14, 2020

A private customer in London approached us with this interesting project. Due to constraints in the dimensions of their garden we were asked to produce a very specific size and shape of garden table.

This outdoor dining table measures 3 meters by 2.8 meters by 2 meters and has been created with a central parasol hole. The top and base frame needed to be able to be separated to gain access through the house and then re-assembled once it is in position.

Here are some pictures of the garden table in production showing the table top frame.

Production of the table top
The table top frame
Shaping the triangular table top frame

As you can see from the complex network of wooden lengths making up the frame top of this triangular garden table, special consideration had to be given as to how to evenly disperse any load placed upon a table with only three legs.

Detail of triangular table top frame
Triangular table frame in production

The customer requested a matching hardwood removable plug in the parasol hole when the parasol was not in use. We were happy to make a couple of spares in case one got misplaced.

Triangle table with Parasol hole
Triangle table with Parasol hole and cap
Triangle table with Parasol hole and cap in place
Triangle table with Parasol hole and cap in place

Once the construction of the garden table was completed Luke softened the edges and corners and will be finally heading out for dispatch to London next week.

Triangular garden and patio table
Detail of the triangular table top

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