Luxury furniture designed specially for you

Our team of dedicated joiners shares decades of experience in creating luxury wooden garden furniture of all shapes and sizes. Whilst Woodcraft UK has a range of memorial benches, chairs and tables ready to order, we’ve always appreciated that some gardens have limitations or unique requirements.

Possibly, the best location is a tight fit, or that you may like a jointed bench to curve right the way around a central tree. Perhaps you want a bench that lines an entire fence, or a smaller version with wheels on one side and handles on the other. Whatever the case, we’re confident that we can transform desire into reality thanks to decades of experience and ingenuity.

What our clients say

Hello, I just wanted to express appreciation for the fine bench you provided which I traveled to see last week. It is very good quality and has been widely admired.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

Richard, Happy Customer

Woodcraft UK’s bespoke outdoor furniture service isn’t just for private gardens.

Whilst the surroundings provide factors such as the ambience, privacy levels and inspiration, something else is required in order to achieve comfort, accessibility and functionality. This is where our bespoke wooden garden furniture comes in, offering the opportunity to create one-off items that perfectly reflect your home’s character and your personal style.

There are many benefits to bespoke items. The most obvious is uniqueness, as the piece will be designed to the letter according to your specific requests. With examples ranging from extra large pergolas to curved seating and even furniture on wheels, we can satisfy any demand.

Skilled hand carved wood engraving

A popular option is to have a bench or gazebo engraved or fitted with a plaque. It could be in memory of a loved one, convey a favourite quote or even share a funny observation or joke. By adding this truly unique touch, your wooden bench will be entirely infused with personality, making it a cherished possession as well as an excellent conversation starter.

You may then find that one just isn’t enough. Many of our customers have ordered a bespoke bench for their garden, only to then order multiple others. Some have even complemented these with tables, pergolas and gazebos, resulting in a full collection of garden furniture built specially for its environment.

We’re confident that we can meet any criteria thanks to years of expertise, ingenuity and innovation. This has led to a high level of versatility that allows us to overcome challenges and fulfill every order within an agreed time frame.

To find out more about how we can help with your garden furniture, get in contact with Woodcraft UK today. We’ll also provide expert input into its design, ensuring that safety and practicality are core factors alongside aesthetics and uniqueness.

Whatever you require when it comes to high quality outdoor wooden furniture, we’re here to turn your vision into reality. We do this by discussing your idea and agreeing every element, from the overall form to the tiny details. Our machinists and craftsmen joiners then get to work, applying their skills and passion to create the perfect piece of furniture to suit your individual needs.