Perimeter benches for parks, public areas or private gardens are an elegant way to maximise space by designing wooden benches to follow the curve of the border or follow the circumference of a large tree trunk. Curved benches such as these work well as spectator seating for sports and recreational areas such as bowling greens, tennis courts or parks and country gardens.

As no two spaces are the same our curved benches are therefore uniquely bespoke and designed specifically for the setting they are intended for. One thing you can count on though is our quality of craftsmanship we employ on every garden bench we produce.

From initial concept to three dimensional visualisation to final creation.

We often start work on a curved bench by taking a drawing or sketch. These will normally be worked on either with the client at initial conception or in many cases provided by landscape developers who are managing an urban development project and may already have a fixed idea of how they require their curved benches to look.

Taking into consideration the space, types of materials and budget we can then draw up a basic concept as a starting point working on the kind of curve and overall shape of the bench ready for the next stage of development.

3D Visualisation

Once we have the initial idea created we move on to creating three dimensional visualisations of the curved bench concept. This way we can visualise every piece of material, how they connect together and spot any potentially weaknesses or flaws that could prove problematic during construction.

As you can see, creating a 3D model of the intended bench can really help with being able to see exactly how the bench will look.

If the curved bench system is modular in it's construction then 3D bench visualisation helps to recognise how the different curved wooden benches connect to each other to ensure a consistent and natural curve throughout all units.

We are also able to fully cost the construction as the 3D curved benches are designed at actual size and we are therefore able to see exactly how much wood and other materials are used.

If you are a landscape developer then you may already have some sort of visualisation of a curved bench drawn up in Auto Cad or other software. We can take most files such as .ai, .eps, .dwg, .obg etc to work up a 3D model.

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Brilliant workmanship and a very friendly service. They have just made a bench for East Park in Hull, which was paid for by donations from the East Park Runners in memory of Gill Tremere our organiser.

Trevor Rose

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Woodcraft UK’s bespoke curved wooden benches

From the 3D concepts, once agreed, we can then take these designs to final construction. The blueprint has been created, the materials ready, and the exciting part begins.

Using CNC machine cutting, steam bending or hand planing we can precision cut and shape the hardwood to exactly the right dimensions to create the final piece. Our professional team ensure that every attention to detail has been made and quality has been assured throughout.

We’re confident that we can meet any criteria thanks to our unique way of working and this has led to the high level of versatility on offer at Woodcraft UK when making elegantly curved garden benches.

To find out more about our curved garden benches and how we can help with your garden furniture project, get in contact with Woodcraft UK today. We’ll provide the expert input into its design, ensuring that safety and practicality are core factors alongside aesthetics and uniqueness.

Here are some of the curved benches we have made.

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