We make outdoor areas all the more inviting

Green spaces are an essential part of every village, town and city. They provide a place to meet, relax and play, simultaneously beautifying an area and raising the wellbeing of local residents. And though green spaces come in many different shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: outdoor furniture.

When’s the last time you visited a park, memorial garden, playing field, churchyard, crematorium or any other green space that didn’t have at least one bench? Public seating is crucial for these places, as the opportunity to have a rest goes hand in hand with the environment. However, you must pay attention to which type of bench will suit the surroundings, rather than choosing willy-nilly. That’s why Woodcraft UK offers over 25 years of expertise to help you make the right decision.

We present a range of wooden memorial benches that are popular with local authorities, organisations and private households across the UK. Whilst these products come in different sizes, many of our customers require very precise dimensions and designs, whereas others desire something completely tailored and unique. This is where our bespoke wooden furniture service provides the perfect solution.

What our clients say

Our bench arrived on Saturday and with a close inspection found to be in perfect condition.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the bench, it surely is a piece of craftsmanship and how very nice to know from the label that it has been made by Luke. It looks a strong and sturdy piece of manufacture that certainly will last for many, many years.

Private customer from Tunbridge Wells

Woodcraft UK’s bespoke outdoor furniture service isn’t just for private gardens.

It could be that you want elegant gazebos to complement your flora and fauna, or a set of fingerposts that are extremely modern and sleek. Perhaps curved benches to encircle a fountain are more your style, or picnic tables that blend into their backdrop seamlessly. Maybe you need furniture that is firmly secured to soft or hard ground, or objects that can be easily moved in the event of redevelopment and expansion. Whatever the case, our machinists and craftsmen joiners apply incredible experience, ingenuity and passion to create exactly what you need.

A very attractive addition to any piece of bespoke outdoor furniture is an engraving or memorial plaque. These can convey anything you want to visitors, from historical information to an inspiring quote. You could also turn your benches into memorials, offering the public the opportunity to dedicate one to a family member or friend. Whilst celebrating an individual and sharing their life with the public, you can also monetise the scheme. By doing this, the benches could easily pay for themselves, even raising surplus funds for maintenance and future site development.

In terms of quality, consistency, safety and security, Woodcraft UK has you covered. Our reputation as a supplier of fantastic outdoor wooden furniture stretches across the UK, from London boroughs to the Scottish Highlands, coast to coast and overseas. This is because every member of our team is dedicated to excellent craftsmanship and the user experience. Each bench, table, gazebo, pergola, noticeboard and signpost that we design and build has the customer’s satisfaction at its core, and we’re very proud of our exemplary track record that hasn’t wavered since the company’s founding in 1990.

So whatever you require for your park, recreational area or private garden, get in touch with Woodcraft UK today and we’ll turn it from an idea into a much-loved focal point.