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Our Ever Growing Core Range of Garden Benches

Posted on August 28, 2019

Over the years we have made garden benches in many wonderful shapes and sizes. Each bench will have started life as a bespoke design for a particular customer but as they grow in popularity those same garden benches find their way into our core range and as such we are celebrating how fantastic those garden benches really are.

The York Garden Bench Range

The York wooden garden bench
York chair and arm chair

The York Range of Garden Benches has been our flagship bench for over
25 years and is a classic among garden benches. With it's solid design,
this bench really does withstand the rigours of nature, it ages
gracefully and this style never goes out of date.

The garden bench comes in a range of sizes.

More information about the whole York Garden Bench Range can be found here.

The Beverley Garden Bench Range

The Beverley chair and table
The Beverley wooden garden chair by Woodcraft UK

The Beverley Garden Bench Range is named after the historic market town here in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Like the York garden bench, the Beverley is one of our flagship garden benches and is similar in style but sports a stylish back rest that adds a flourish to an otherwise strong and sturdy garden bench.

For more information about our Beverley Garden Benches:

More information about the whole Beverley garden bench range click here.

The Waveform Garden Bench Range

Waveform Humber
The Waveform table with Waveform bench and chair

Designed and developed in house, The Waveform garden bench is an exclusive garden bench to Woodcraft UK, and its distinctive and relaxing nautical influence has made it a firm favourite, even with customers located far inland! Not only is there a chair as well as garden benches but also a matching garden table as well.

For more information about the Waveform Garden Bench:

For more information about the Waveform Garden Bench click here.

The Lutyens Garden Bench

A truly distinguished addition to any garden, Woodcraft UK’s superb hand-built Lutyens memorial bench serves as a fitting tribute to an iconic figure Sir Edwin Lutyens. Woodcraft UK’s re-creation of this magnificent bench remains true to Lutyen’s original design and is a beautiful addition to our collection.

Woodcraft's Lutyens wooden garden bench
A Lutyens wooden bench

The Lutyens garden bench comes in two sizes, 6ft and a whopping 8ft 6inches.

More information about our Lutyens Garden Bench range can be found here.

The Knaresborough Garden Bench

The Knaresborough garden bench
A Knaresborough bench protected with teak oil

Stylish in design and sturdy in construction, the Knaresborough bench constitutes an enduring asset that will provide a welcome resting place for generations of visitors. Outstanding for its elegance and practicality, the Knaresborough memorial bench makes an excellent enhancement to any garden.

The Scarborough Garden Bench

The Scarborough wooden bench
Detail view of the Scarborough wooden bench

Originating initially as a one-off bespoke commission, the Scarborough memorial bench proved so successful that it was subsequently developed as one of Woodcraft UK’s standard ranges. One of Woodcraft UK’s most distinctive creations, the Scarborough garden bench possesses those superior qualities of appearance for which Woodcraft UK’s products are celebrated.

The full range of Scarborough garden benches can be found here

The Spinnaker Garden Bench

Spinnaker bench powder coated in black
Spinnaker table with Spinnaker bench

The unique design of the Spinnaker garden bench is inspired by that sturdiness so vital to any sailing vessel, and by combining galvanised and stainless steels with durable hardwood Woodcraft UK has created a garden bench that will remain solid, serviceable and attractive despite the elements. Suitable mostly for parks and public spaces due to it's strength and durability.

The full range of Spinnaker benches can be found here.

The Staxton Park Bench

The Staxton wooden bench
Staxton wooden park bench

A simple yet attractively styled park bench, of formidable construction, the Staxton is built to last and designed to remain securely positioned in the locations such as parks and public spaces thanks to extended legs that are concreted into the ground.

The full range of Staxton park benches can be found here.

The Lastingham Park Bench

Lastingham park bench
Lastingham Park Bench side view

The Lastingham park bench has long proved popular as a robust wayside seat for many parks and country walks. Made with reinforced concrete ends and secured with weatherproof bolts, the Lastingham is a seriously sturdy bench and is guaranteed to last.

The Lastingham park bench comes in 5ft and 6ft lengths:

The full range of Lastingham benches can be found here.

The Mendip Garden Bench

Mendip Bench Humber
A Mendip Bench from our traditional garden bench range.

The Mendip garden bench possesses those superior qualities of appearance, durability and weather resistance for which the company’s products are renowned. Similar to the York bench, the Mendip is classic in design yet is finished with stylish arm rests that sets it apart as a bench in it's own right.

The Mendip range of benches come in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths.

The full range of Mendip garden benches can be found here.

The Wykeham Park Bench

Wykeham Wooden Bench
A Wykeham bench by Woodcraft UK

Constructed from highest quality pressure-treated timber, in both hardwood and Douglas Fir, the Wykeham is designed for durability, and will remain serviceable despite high usage and the rigours of the weather.

The Wykeham range also extends to a table and litter bin to provide a full set of outdoor furniture for parks and public open green spaces.

The full range of Wykeham furniture can be found below:

The Helmsley Companion Garden Bench

Helmsley companion garden bench

Back by popular demand, the Helmsley garden bench is a delightfully companionable creation which demonstrates how convenience, comfort and aesthetic appeal can be perfectly combined.

More information about the Helmsley companion bench can be found below:

Currently we make of 50 garden benches as part of our core range and this is set to increase, but if there a garden bench design you have in mind that you do not see here then our bespoke garden bench service will be able to handle that for you. Feel free to contact us on 01482 887921.