The Bute Memorial bench

Posted on December 24, 2020

Another project completed in 2020 in time for Christmas is for Royal Parks London. We were asked to recreate this wonderful bench that has served many years in St John's Gardens in London's Regent Park.

Two benches going to Royal London Parks are created with a bespoke bench design that they have named ‘The Bute’ bench after the Marquis of Bute who commissioned the gardens in Regents Park. This links to Cardiff Castle and Dumfries House, which Prince Charles has an interest in.

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Our design for the Bute bench set out to recreate the shape and structure of the original bench while updating it slightly with a more robust and heavy weight frame.

The Bute Memorial Bench for Royal Parks London

We recreated the overall shape including the majestic top rail and back rest of the original bench while bolstering the frame, bench arms and bench legs with heavier, thicker pieces of timber. We also created the overall assembly differently so that screw holes were hidden from the elements.

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We hope these memorial benches get plenty of use over the coming years and we will be proud to see them in place when we go down later in the new year!

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