Our garden furniture destined for Tokyo in Japan!

Posted on December 09, 2020

As recognition of the quality of our premium garden furniture grows so does our client base and such this year really has had a truly international flavour to proceedings. This order from July 2020 encompasses a wide range of our garden furniture and memorial benches setting sail for Tokyo in Japan.

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The order consists of:

These items are destined for a private company in Japan that deals with environmental services. They found our website online and we are really pleased to be able to fulfil this exciting project.

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From our workshop in Kingston upon Hull our garden furniture will be transported by road to the Manchester depot where they will then be transported in a shipping container to Liverpool setting sail for Japan. They are due to arrive in Tokyo on Christmas day and from there they will be transported to their final destination by road to our international customer.

Our customer has agreed to send some pictures over to us once our garden furniture has arrived, so we'll post them as soon as we get them.

Exporting our goods in 2021 is something we really want to capitalise on as the United Kingdom seeks out overseas markets as part of it's global strategy to create new trade agreements on the international stage. As our reputation grows with our premium quality British made wooden furniture, we feel we are well placed to offer that British seal of quality so often sought after.

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