Our Plywood Chair

Testing out our new CNC machine

Posted on January 13, 2019

Here at Woodcraft UK we have a variety of wood working machinery and tools that help us carve, drill and cut wood into the desired size and shape for all of the garden furniture we manufacture. Sometimes, however, we need something that has computer based precision and as such we decided to build our own CNC machine.

CNC machining (computer numerical control) is a manufacturing process in which we can programme computer software to control the movement of wood shaping tools such as drills, sanders, lathes and routers. Not only does it give us the desired accuracy required for creating bespoke angles, curves and joints but it also cuts down on wastage, allowing us to get more pieces out of one section of timber - a saving we can pass on in our prices to our customers and to the environment.

Last year we decided to build our own CNC machine and have been using it to great effect, engraving benches and shaping wooden components.

Plywood Chair side view
Plywood Chair front
Plywood Chair back
Plywood chair made out of one piece of plywood with our CNC cutter

Take for example this chair. This test piece was an exercise in profiling plywood and to see how much we could get made with a minimal amount of wood. Having drawn out all of the shapes for each component on the computer in a CAD drawing package we then cut out and drilled all the parts entirely out of one sheet of plywood.

We're really pleased with the outcome!

The CNC machine is still being put through it's paces and further tweaks need to be made but the sky will be the limit when we get up and running on full production. Many complex three-dimensional shapes can be created with a high level of precision and the process can be repeated over and over, which will benefit larger orders such as street furniture projects where time and budget are a priority consideration.

We can't wait to get started!