Engraving wooden panels with our CNC machine

VIDEO - Our CNC machine engraving wooden furniture

Posted on April 22, 2019

Here's a quick video of our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine in action engraving a panel from a piece of wooden garden furniture. This really is a great piece of kit we have and it can engrave with ease any font, design or emblem in to wood.

The CNC machine works by reading a design from a computer file and can handle both vector and bitmap image files.

It can even handle different tones by cutting to a deeper depth for darker tonal areas, the sky really is the limit!

Our CNC machine can engrave any font

As you can see it takes seconds to precision engrave and makes light work of any kind of soft or hard wood. If you have a particular message, commemorative tribute, design, family crest or company logo then we can recreate it perfectly into any wooden bench, pergola, or wooden notice board.

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