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Modern, contemporary and comfortable.

The lazy swell of a tranquil ocean… This was the soothing image that prompted the creation of Woodcraft UK’s Waveform range.

Designed and developed in-house, The Waveform bench is exclusive to Woodcraft UK, and its distinctive and relaxing nautical influence has made it a firm favourite, even with customers located far inland. The Waveform seat is available with standard legs for direct standing, or with extra long legs to allow for concreting into position. It can be engraved with you personal message or inscription by Woodcraft UK to create your perfect memorial bench or commemorate seat.

Standard seat lengths: 6ft (1.80m), 7ft 2inches (2.20m).

The Waveform wooden outdoor bench is a perfect piece, which can be used as a picnic seat, hardwood commemorative seat, memorial bench, wooden park bench, seating for viewing areas such as lakeside seating, coastal and riverside benches.


Size Price
6FT (1.8M) BENCH £1142
7FT (2.2M) BENCH £1176

All prices are subject to VAT

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