Memorial Benches

Handcrafted Wooden Memorial Benches made from solid hardwood, durable and made to last.

‘Rest, and be thankful’ the old Yorkshire adage directs, and Woodcraft UK offers you the perfect opportunity to heed this traditional invitation, with an extensive range of wooden memorial benches designed for rest and relaxation.

Woodcraft UK’s outdoor benches are expertly crafted and constructed from carefully selected materials. Each is a long-term investment; a masterpiece of constructional durability and aesthetic integrity that will maintain its value despite the passage of time and the rigours of the elements. In the two decades since its inception Woodcraft UK has withstood all pressures to compromise and has steadfastly maintained the highest standards of quality in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship.

It takes very special creations to enhance Nature itself, but Woodcraft UK’s superb collection of outdoor benches feature classic designs that can bring an additional element of beauty to any landscape.